Our Technology Partners

Our Consortium of Technology Vendors:

  • Resource Energy Development Inc., Lockheed Martin and Concord Blue (USA)

    • Low Pyrolysis Gasification (Thermolysis) Technology for Energy from Waste.

Clean Air Solutions

  • Questor Technology, Inc. (Canada)

    • Clean Air Solutions

    • Flare Gas Demolition

    • Frac Water Vaporization Process, Desalination

    • Combustion of Associated Gases


Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery Process

  • ClearPower Systems, Inc. (USA), a  Questor Company

    • Organic Rankine Cycle or ORC Technology for Combined Heat & Power Process (Same Energy More Power Concept)

    • Packaged Turbine ORC Generators (Less Energy Same Power Concept)

Advanced Solar Cell Manufacturing R&D

  • Natcore Technology, Inc. (USA)

    • Advanced Solar Cell Production Technology

    • Research & Development

    • Solar PV Manufacturing Cost Efficiency Consulting Services


Long Duration Energy Storage System

  • ViZn Energy, Inc. (USA)

    • Long Duration Energy Storage Flow Battery System

    • Micro-Grid Utility Back-up Storage Equipment (Wind & Solar Farms)

    • Environmentally-Friendly Energy Storage Facility


Small Scale Liquefaction Plant

  • FNX LNG, Inc. (Spain/USA)

    • Small-scale Liquefaction Plant for Enhanced Mobility

    • Oil and Gas Industries Systems and Equipment Fabrication and Manufacturing Services


Advanced Water Treatment System  – High Efficiency Softening Process

  • AWTS Inc. (USA)

    • Advanced Water Treatment Process

    • High Efficiency Softening Process (HESP)

    • Frac Water Treatment & Recycling for Crude Oil Processing Pads


  • Batliboi Environmental Engineering Ltd. (India/Germany)

    • Air Pollution Control Equipment (WESP, Induction Blowers, Fabric Filters and FGD systems)

    • Beltran Gasification Technology for Biomass, Industrial & RDF Briquettes

    • Packaged Boiler Systems

    • Heat Exchangers

    • Thermic Heaters

    • Mobile Water Treatment System

    • Industrial Shredding Equipment